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Hello and welcome back.... So, what is SDR Radio?, How much does it cost and what do i need to make it work?

SDR (Software Defined Radios or Software Radio) is probably one the cheapest way to get into radio scanning. (I'm going to start at the lower end of the scale). Normally, a radio scanner relies on the hardware (i.e the scanner itself) to receive and display the frequencies it receives. A SDR Radio uses computer software to do the work instead
You can listen to Shortwave, Amateur Radio, FM Radio, and even Aircraft band (listening, tracking etc) on a SDR Radio.

There is 3 parts to set up a SDR.

1 = TV Dongle
2 = Software (Computer possibly running X64 bit, 32 Bit is OK but can get glitchy at times depending on software), also make sure you have Microsoft Net Framework 4.6 or higher (Download Here)
3 = Antenna (an outdoor antenna would be perfect)

To start, you will need a small TV tuner dongle (see below), they sell on Ebay for around $20-50. The RTL-SDR (Realtek RTL2832U) is the most popular and best value for money (as shown below). You can also spend several hundreds of dollars to get better equipment but this is more to get you started.

Next thing i will say is to get rid of the crappy little antenna that came with your dongle, it wont do your SDR any justice.
Thirdly, don't install the software that came with your dongle... The idea is, that although the dongle is built for TV tuning, it also receives a huge bandwidth capable of receiving a whole lot more and with the right software, that is what SDR is all about.

2. SOFTWARE... The magic that make everything works.

There are 2 parts to the software

The DRIVER... To recognize your dongle

You can download the driver from HERE

Then follow the steps below (or Here)
  1. Plug in the RTL-SDR. (dongle)
  2. Run Zadig as administrator by right clicking it and choosing run as administrator.
  3. Go to Options -> List all devices and make sure it is checked.
  4. In the drop down box choose Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0). This may also sometimes show up as something prefixed with “RTL28328U”. That choice is also valid.
  5. Make sure that WinUSB is selected as the target driver and click on Download Driver / Reinstall Driver.

If you get stuck, check out links below (the driver and info link)

The SOFTWARE... Receives the frequencies coming from your dongle.

The most popular (and easy to use) would be HDSDR software.. (see below) but the fun thing is, that if you don't like a particular software program, just change to another till one suits your needs.

Some other software thats available for SDR  (below)

SOFTWARE LINKS  (driver and information)  (The most popular software of SDR)  (Sdr Sharp)  (SdrDx - Windows and Mac)  (SdrMax) also  (Sdr-Radio)  (Sdr - Perseus)  (Sdr - Winrad) (Sdr - StudioOne)  (Sdr - Genesis)   (Information, links)  (info - inc Linux)  (ACARS Decoder)  (Amateur radio)

As you can see, there is a plethora (i love that word) of software available (just google SDR Software) and prepare to be amazed...


Any type of antenna is good for SDR but an outdoor antenna is best.
Antenna's like the Discone, a longwire (shortwave) or a multiband whip up a pole will work the best.
Inside antennas tend to pick up too much interference inc computers, air cond, led lights, etc


Once you get your dongle, download the driver from the link above (Zardig) and run the software, also be prepared to plug your dongle into your computer. (problems? click here)
Next, fire up the software program and check settings so that your dongle is active and start the software program.
May take a bit of time and a bit of a learning curb but can be fun listening to some interesting frequencies.

What i have written here is just the tip of the iceberg, as you get more into SDR Radio, you can upgrade to a factory made SDR unit that is actually made for SDR Radio. (Lots to choose from here)

I'm not a huge user of SDR Radio and don't claim know everything about this form of radio. (please don't ask really technical questions because i simply don't know)...

I will leave comments section open in case i have missed something or you can add some more information on SDR Radio so others can benefit.

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Hello and welcome back... Been following this site for a little while and its very informative.

Called 'SWLing' its a interesting site that has various reviews, news, and giveaways from around the world regarding ShortWave Radio.

You can also subscribe to get up to date information from this site as well.

Well worth the visit...

Check the site out here

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Friday, February 5, 2016


Hello and welcome back....Keep a look out for a training exercise by the army in the next few days...

From the Army's website =Up to five Black Hawk Helicopters will fly over Nowra, Sydney and Canberra during the period 8th February to 18th March 2016 as part of a training exercise.

The night training is expected to be finished each night around 11.30pm



Hello and welcome back.... Found this interesting.

How to build your own antenna that should look like the pic below..

You can find the Step by Step information at this site =

And / Or watch the video below...

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Hello and welcome back... I found this really interesting..

I love aviation, the aircraft, the communications side of things but, I'm chicken when it comes to flying.
After watching a few episodes of Air Crash Investigations, I'm probably more nervous now than i was before... Who knew that, that bit of sticky tape was just holding those wires together?

Spare a thought for these guys..
I stumble across this episode of the story behind 'Susi Air', based mostly in Indonesia. These pilots fly to some of the most remote places in the world with little iddy bitty airstrips carved out on the top of a mountain tops mostly around Papua.
If that wasn't bad enough, you have people walking across the runway, stray dogs, wind shear and low laying clouds to deal with....Oh, then there's the locals, some of whom used to eat people.

Its riveting viewing folks and I'm hooked... Enjoy.





That seems to be about it...

Keep an eye on the link below in case more come to air...

Massive thanks to 'Lets Plane' for the videos.

If you like to know more about Susi Air then CLICK HERE

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