Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello and welcome back.... If, like me, You want to reset your Uniden UBCD396 T/XT scanner, this is how you do it.....

1 . Turn off your scanner
2 . hold down the following keys
3 .    2, 9, HOLD
4 . turn on while pressing these 3 buttons

It will ask if you want to preload the systems, I say No


Because, it takes up room for banks that I am not going to use, i.e = New Zealand, South Australia etc.....
You only need 2 control chs for your area, not every state in Australia (and beyond)....Well I don't :)

Hope this helps....

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  1. Hi Michael

    This site has inspired me to pull out the scanner agin.

    On my Uniden UBCD396XT I have set up two Systems for the GRN.

    - System 1 has just a few local control channels (Horsley Park, Beecroft, & Gov Philip TWR)
    - System 2 has one site with all control frequencies for the State in it.

    Just this week I had to drive to Canberra for work. I setup my scanner on the dash board with stock antenna and found I had good Control channel coverage all the way down to Canberra. The voice traffic changed from Sydney metro to south coast and South West Country channels. As I approached Canberra I could here the Fire Rescue operations in Cooma. Passing by Goulburn I heard a bit of traffic from the railways.

    Any way keep up all the good work with this site.

    Malcolm VK2MAL

  2. Hi Malcolm

    Excellent, glad you liked....

    I am glad information that I put up is being used (and works, always a good thing)

    It takes a great deal of time to research, edit, publish, review (plus I also do other sites as well).... so im glad that it helps the greater community, not just as a fascinating hobby but also as a tool that can save a life as well....
    As I documented in my recent bushfire post, in the Blue Mountains bushfires (I live in Springwood), media was badly lacking at the time the fire took hold, nobody knew what was happening, phones / internet was overloaded and information was not getting out...I knew what was happening because of my Radio Receiver (Scanner) and didn't have to rely on information that was 30mins too late...
    So if I only help one person on this site, then I have succeeded and glad I could help...

    Appreciate the feedback Malcolm, Thank You

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